My real Family

I am working on my campain, be patient with ME (Mikkel Egesberg) –

Here is something,


I might go by another name also: Hypnos, and my Halfbrother Harry potter by the name “Death”! Those two are depicted on the painting above!

Here is something about ME, Mikkel Roland Egesberg, I thought I was the son of Bellatrix Lastrange, but I AM not…Here is what i then thought had happened: Bellatrix Lastrange was raped by Harry Potter’s father, Bella Concieved a baby and that is Morten Roland Egesberg…..Then in return “You Know Who”, Bella’s friend, raped Harry Potter’s Mother, Lilly, since she was the friend of Harry Potter’s father, and the product of “You know Who”‘s rape, that was ME, Mikkel Roland Egesberg, and from that the Wizard Wars began, and that is what the Harry Potter movies are all about.

I grew up in Denmark i was given the name Mikkel Roland Egesberg. I call myself  “Mikkel0” now, Mikkel is Hebrew, and means “he who is like the Lord”… I see similarities between myself and Hypnos, his father is Erebus  (“The Darkness”) and my father is “The Dark Lord”, and let me just remind you that “Mikkel” means “Who is like the Lord”.  I have been a long fan of the Harry Potter movies ever since I saw them all in a row at a cinema in Aarhus, I now have come to believe that Harry Potter is my Half-brother, and I call him MELLEM, tehcnically he might be more like someone from Greek mythology, as i said, I might be “Hypnos”, the God of sleep, and with Harry potter being my half -brother, that would then make him “Thanatos” (“Death”), but let’s call him “MelleM” for now. MELLEM is my half-brother and the link between my claimed twin brother Morten Roland Egesberg, and ME… “MelleM” means “between” and  it’s A Palindrome I came up with myself, the name MELLEM is alike from the start to the end, and the end to the start, this person can be used for good and evil, and evil and good, it’s a name I planned for myself, but wanted to give to Harry Potter, since it’s Harry Potter, that Binds ME and Morten Roland Egesberg, my fake twin, in family relation, since I share mother with Harry Potter, but nothing with Morten Roland Egesberg, but Harry share the same father with Morten Roland Egesberg… Harry Potter is what binds US!

WHO AM I? I am Mikkel0, Mikkel Potter Voldemort, that is, and my family is not who I thought it was, I seem to have Harry Potter as my Half-brother, MELLEM, this seems to be the only family I have got, but he also has the son of Bellatrix Lastrange and Harry Potter’s father, Morten Potter Lastrange, whom I grew up with, as his other Half-brother! “James Potter” is Morten Roland Egesberg’s father! Bellatrix Lastrange his Mother! and the rape by his father on his mother was what started the wizarding wars in the Harry Potter movies, and I am the answer to that, I AM Mikkel Potter Voldemort Junior, also known as Mikkel0!