YOUR HARRY POTTER WAND ✨ || woods (Pt. 2)

All I got was….Stay away from apple! (My best is a Black Nokia 1020, but they dont seem to make those kinds anymore, It’s screen is broken, so now i use a Samsung S5 given to me by believed parents, and a Tablet Pro, that I bought myself, but it has battery problems, hard to use then, even when loading it runs short of power), you seem to be Asian, so bet probably bet on Samsung, unless you want quality, then wait for Nokia to get back with Matrix style! (danger though, someone told me to stay away from Nokia, because they were highly indebted, probably because of all them investments into quality phones, check out NOKIA !=”=! (1020!)….When I’m mean I use MEDION! (and you are like “EVIL SPIRIT”(owned by Lenovo CHINEESE…but you should know))….then there was Danish ZEPTOCOMP, but they are backrupted now! P.S. you like like a hermafrodite! Long story short…..You ain’t Afrodite! I was trying to see if your lungs could do the trick, but lets’ face it…..You don’t leave me Breathless!