Islam, the real enemy of the West – picture above by Jeffmock – World Trade Center, New York, aerial view March 2001 – By Mikkel Roland Egesberg- After the attacks on the twin towers on 11 sep. 2001, the Americans knew what had hit em…Osama Bin Laden, A Saudi, a citizen of Mecca one could say, loyal to Islam, but instead of attacking Saudi Arabia, the home of Islam, or some of it (sunni vs. Shia), the Americans got chicken scared and started attacking Saddam Hussein, trying to link and frame him for the attacks, in order to get a causa belli, a reason for war…had they declared Islam and Saudi Arabia the enemies of United States of America, people had understood it, instead they invaded Iraq, perhaps to get a foothold in the Middle East, so they could attack the real enemy, Saudi Arabia, but by doing this, they destroyed the fundament of the war….now Europe has been invaded by flocks of what socialists humanists and UN politicians believed were poor regugees, but in reality illegal enemy combatant, only voting for socialist to get kontanthjælp, so they could get they monthly check from the socialists, sponsors of terror……now people pointing fingers of a fabricated causa belli are called conspiracy nuts and paranoid villains, and those who point their fingers at the jihadists are called racists and are labelled as terrorists themself instead, that is the real tragedy here…


BY MIKKEL ROLAND EGESBERG, A 9/11 survivor, for now – – More Facts, Less Talk

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