How to reduce EU unemployment – By Mikkel Roland Egesberg – – As of 31.01.2014 Euro area unemployment rate is at 12.0%, that equals 26,2 million unemployed EU Citizens
how to solv eu unemployment

…how do we solve this problem?

We all know there is lots of activity Monday to Friday- but Saterdays and Sundays can be quite borring, unless you plan for a night out on a Saterday. Here is my plan to reduce EU unemployment:

OPEN all businesses on Saterday and Sundays too, and I mean normal opening hours. Most people dont work on saterdays and sundays unless they are in shops etc.

If we introduce 2 more normal working days, it would require 40% larger workforce ceteris paribus. Some could choose to work wednesday to sunday, or work full time monday to sunday in 3 weeks, and then have 6 days off to Italy or Paris e.g.? I hate saterdays and sundays, there is no real business news or news generally, as if nothing happens.

Reduce the eu unemployment now, introduce 2 more “working days” a week in the EU!

This does not have to mean people have to work more, just that more people work…and with 26,2 million unemployed EU Citizens, that could mean a huge difference for countries’ economy.

Instead of costing money, these enmployed unemploeyed now contribute to society instead! – Less Talk, More Facts!

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