– US Economic Policy according to Mikkel Roland Egesberg – By Mikkel Roland Egesberg – This is a long version, combining many of my articles, it’s about connecting the dots. It’s about the Euro vs. US dollar, the US trade balance, the US Federal budget deficit, the US Federal debt, holders of US debt, SDI, Politics, and money, lots of money.

(Photo: U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke is pictured at the financial stability oversight council (FSOC) meeting at the Treasury Department in Washington, November 23, 2010. REUTERS/Jason Reed.)

Euro vs. dollar -
Here is the development in the Euro vs. the US dollar, as you can see, the Euro is gaining strength, and the US dollar is going down. It has already been described in other articles here on, but there are two things going on in the US, the “Twin deficits”. The US has had a trade deficit with the World in all years since 1974+, and this means the US buys more from the rest of the World than it sells. Imagine your own personal finances if you had been spending more money than you earned in all years from 1974 to 2013? This is the situation in the USA, but the US keeps telling the rest of the World it’s good to let the US buy on credit, since it good for business. Would you let your friend continue to borrow money from you for more than 39 years and continue, because he tells you he is a good customer in your shop? Below I have gathered the US trade numbers since year 2000, just to give you the impression:

US trade deficit
In 2011, the US sold goods for 1481 billion US dollars, but bought goods for 2207 billion, a 726 billion shortfall, just in 2011.

The other part of the “Twin deficit” is by the US Federal government. Just like your American friend spends more than he earns, so too does his government, which in 2012 spent 3796 billion US dollars, but collected only 2469 billion dollars, in short spending almost 55% more than it’s income allowed it, or said in another way, the US Federal Government had a deficit of 8,5% of the total American production in that year. The red line below shows the US Federal expenses for different years as percentage of the total economy in the given year, the green line Federal income:

If we take Receipts minus Outlays we get the US Federal budget deficit. In 2011 the US budget deficit was 8,7% of US GDP:
Below I have added a table showing the numbers, including 2012, where the budget deficit was 8,5% of US GDP: In comparison the Eurozone budget deficit as % of GDP is just 3,2%, almost a third of the US budget deficit…

Once you realize that the US had a budget deficit of 8,5% of the economy in 2012, and you realize this cant continue forever, you also see that the US economy must contract, once this stimulus stops. In the chart above i have made the growth calculation for the US economy, and here you can See how much growth the government contribute to. Balance the us federal budget, and remove a stimulus of 8,5% ceteris paribus, and the economy will contract, depending on the multiplier effect…remove 1 billion e.g., you remove income from citizens, they consume less, pay less taxes, government get less taxes….all consume less, and it multiply into the economy…it is a downward going spiral

As you can see the US government has spent more money that it earned in almost all years since 1970, so how does it continue to do this? It borrows money. Below we see the development in the US Federal debt since 1970:As you can see, the debt as % of GDP has gone from around 40% in 1970, to around 60% in 2007 and then exploded to 104,8% in 2012. So who lends these money to the American government? That Would be the Average Joe, what we can call intra Governmental holdings, and the rest of the World, that has allowed the US to buy it’s goods on credit for the last 30+ years. Below you see the owners of US federal debt:

In the next figure I zoom in on “Foreign and international holders of US Federal debt:
As you can see above, China is the biggest foreign holder of US federal debt, with 1170 billion US dollars in November 2012. Behind, China is closely followed by Japan, which owns 1133 billion US dollars.

So far the World has continued letting the US consume more than it’s income would otherwise allow it, both with regards to trade and with the US Federal government, by letting the US buy on credit. But if this was your friend, would you let your friend borrow money from you for more than 39 years and continue, because he tells you he is a good customer in your shop? Sooner or later, you would realize your friend can’t keep buying on credit, so you tell him he must pay you somehow. So what does your friend now do instead? He ought to work more to pay for what he had bought and buys from you, but your friend is smart, instead of doing extra work or to cut down on his consumption, he decides to pay you off in US dollars, the only problem is, he prints them himself. And this is what the US does. The US Central Bank, the FED, prints money like there’s no tomorrow, which they choose to call “quantitative easing”, shorted, “QE” and “QE2”, which is just a fancy way to avoid saying “printing money”. If it were only you and your American friend on an island, for how long would you allow your American friend to print US dollars, and buy the goods you had worked so hard to produce with them? Right now FED officially prints $85 billion-a-month in QE, but since there is no transparency, not even the US Congress knows exactly what FED’s balance sheet really looks like. But since FED officially made about $91 billion in “interests” on the tsunami of US dollars it created out of thin air and lend out to banks etc., and sent $88.9 billion of that to the US Federal Treasury in 2012, the US Government is enjoying the invention of the printing press, or what is also know as “seigniorage”.

The only question is, for how long will the World sit by and watch their American friends print US dollars to pay for the huge difference between what they produce and buy from the World.

For how long time will the World be indifferent to the low interest rates they get from the money they lend back to America and it’s Federal government to finance its excessive spending? If the US continue to print money like there’s no tomorrow, the value of the US dollar will fall, and the US will see inflation, which might make the nominal GDP look like it’s growing, but is not from more output, just prices going up – the real growth will fall and turn negative. Once this printing of money by FED and lending the money to the Federal government stops, a stimulus of 8,5% of the GDP stops, and the US GDP will contract by more than 8%, ceteris paribus. In the chart below you can see that from January 2009 to October 2012 FED’s holding of US treasuries has increased from 476 billion US dollars to 1.659 billion USD, an increase of almost 1,2 trillion US dollars

Forget the so called “Euro Crisis”, the US budget crisis is much worse. The US economy is on steroids right now, and we all know that is not healthy in the long run… The last quarter of negative US growth is nothing compared to what the US will see, once the budget is balanced. USA cannot keep raising the debt limit, as US politicians have done 13 times since year 2000, it’s not a sustainable path.

The only problem is though, if the World does not continue to accept US dollars, it’s value will collapse, and so will the value of example China’s 1170 billion US dollars placed in US treasury treasuries. In short, China is trapped. Should it continue to accept newly printed US dollars as payment for it’s goods, or should it stop the game and see the value of it’s accumulated US dollars collapse. Some claim the US invasion of Iraq was about Weapons of Mass destruction (WMD’s), and we all remember how the US claimed in the UN (United Nations) that Iraq had anthrax, and planned to use it on pretty much everyone. Colin Powell showed a sample of anthrax in the UN, which you can see below: Powell-anthrax-vial

Further more the US showed pictures of how Iraq had mobile Chemical labs, Mobile chemical labs and other chemical labs: Chemical bunkers.

We all know how this ended, unfortuatnely Secretary of State Colin Powell was made a fool of, probably by the neocons, since no Weapons of mass destruction seems to have been found in Iraq…even Bush admits this:

But here whats’s it was about, Monetary policy. It was a war to stop the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) from trading in Euros. The US has a large trade deficit, which you can see below for each month (remember you must multiply this by 12 to get yearly numbers):

The US may have a trade deficit and has had so for many decades, but countries still demand US dollars to buy oil for their economies. Since oil is traded in Us dollars, all countries needs US dollars to buy oil for the economy, and this meant the US could print lots of dollars, and the world would exchange their goods for newly printed US dollars. As more countries use the US dollars (dollarization) the more US dollars the US FED can print for free. For a long time OPEC’s “petro dollars” went back into the US economy, but Saddam had started trading his oil in Euros, and USA had to make an example of him, so the rest of OPEC did not get good ideas…after the US invasion of Iraq, Iraq was flooded with cash in dollars, which had been siezed from Iraq:

source CNN: Bills weighing a total of 363 tons were loaded onto military aircraft in the largest cash shipments ever made by the Federal Reserve, said Rep. Henry Waxman, chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. (Watch Democrats put the former top U.S. official in Iraq on the spot. “who in their right mind would send 363 tons of cash into a war zone? But that’s exactly what our government did,” the California Democrat said during a hearing reviewing possible waste, fraud and abuse of funds in Iraq.

Lately the US has run short of money, read: and has been printing 85 billion USD a month , which is what economists call “seignorage”. If the World demands less US dollars, it should result in rising rates on US treasuries, ceteris paribus. For some stupid reason, a war normally make investors put their money in US dollars, since they believe it’s a safe heaven. Some of this money flows into stocks and bonds, meaning higher stocks prices for investors, and lower borrowing costs for US treasury bonds. And a war is of course good money for US defense firms and other companies in the US e.g. halliburton where former U.S. Vice President Cheney became Halliburton CEO in 1995 had been vice president since 1995, but this is bad news for US families and the average Joe, which lost more than 4000 lives – And European NATO members (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation), since NATO is an American organization, with European troops, for American purposes…we need more European integration, and a EU Army independent of NATO, not a Europe divided into “New and Old Europe” as US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld tried do, describing French President Jacques Chirac and German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder as “problems” in the crisis over Iraq, when they decided to work together to oppose war in Iraq. In the US media war against e.g. France, the US Congress even changed the name of “French Fries” in the House of Representatives’ cafeterias to “Freedom Fries” as part of a Republican protest at France’s opposition to a war on Iraq, and Yes, they also relabeled “French toast”…”Freedom toast”. Dont even get me started about 9/11, “False flag” operations, and “causa belli”.

Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent som catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor. Domestic politics and industrial policy will shape the pace and content of transformation as much as the requirements of current missions. (

…..The quote above came from a report called “Rebuilding Americas Defenses” from a Neocon site called “”. It seems the report has been removed, but the report was published about 1 year before 9/11. The attack on “World Trade Center” was that “New Pearl Harbor” the neocons wanted to rebuild Americas defenses, I made a youtube about it, but my twin brother told me to remove it. I’m locked in at a mental hospital, P4, Aarhus Risskov, at room 3 at present, so I don’t have acces to all my old files, but if I find it I will upload it. They claim I´m mentally ill, but I’m not, but anywyay make no mistake, 9/11 was a “False flag” operations and the “causa belli” (reason for war), the US needed for their economic policy. Economic policy refers to the actions that governments take in the economic field. It covers the systems for setting interest rates and government budget as well as the labor market, national ownership, and many other areas of government interventions into the economy.

Now the US had almost declared war against Syria, based on new US intelligence showing Chemical weapons in there….was the US right this time? Perhaps, perhaps not, but Syria would be a good spot for bases, and missile defense system

The Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) was proposed by U.S. President Ronald Reagan to use ground-based and space-based systems to protectvagainst strategic nuclear ballistic missiles., but the Defense Initiative risked starting a new war, Since it would destroy “MAD” state, Mutual assured destruction, a doctrine that says nobody can use nuclear weapons, Since it would lead to total nuclear war, but if One party has a missile shield, there is nothing preventing them from starting a new big war. Also it would create more Dollarization, and US would once again had had lower interest rates on bonds. Had the US declared war in Syria and bombed it, Russia and more countries such as China, India, could have joined Syria, leading to a bigger war. This would have poisoned Europe with depleted Uranium (Depleted uranium is a dense metal produced as a by-product of enrichment of natural uranium for nuclear fuel. It is still radioactive, but at a much lower level than the starting material. It is used in armour-piercing shells and bombs, to give them more penetrating power. Such munitions were used in both Gulf Wars and in Serbia and Kosovo. A syrian war would poison all near by, here is why: U.S. Weapons Poison Europe,

High levels of depleted uranium (DU) have been measured in the atmosphere in Britain, transported on air currents from the Middle East and Central Asia. Scientists cited the U.S. bombing of Tora Bora, Afghanistan in 2001 and the “Shock and Awe” bombing during Gulf War II in Iraq in 2003 as one of the main reasons.

First Iraq, Afghanistan, then Syria and we all know Iran has been labeled a member of what the US propaganda machine (study operation paperclip) calls the “axis of evil”

…A new war in Syria could have lead to World War 3
…Do watch Obamas state of the union speech from around Febrary 2013, from time 0.55 to 1.25;

Now how does that correspond to this:

U.S. President Barack Obama receiving the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize…

…for what reason, if I may ask?

So i have been locked up Sincé 1 of agust 2013, though i have done no evil, and i wonder what happens. Efter several months i was given a judge meeting, where i was given a lawyer by god knows WHO, i wanted to fond One for myself, or Be my own lawyer, but was,isolated for months, so One was appointed for Me, whom spent less than 1 hour, and did all He could to work against Me. 2 cops picked Me up 19 of DEC. 2013, lock My hånds in leather belts, and drive Me to courth in civilian, the trial was a farce, with no withnesses other than the judge 2 lawyers and 2 dirty cops. The judge want to wait until around 9. Of january 2014, locking Me up again with 2 dirty cops physically locking Me up, throwing Me into the car, and verbally attacking Me in front of the courthhouse and in the car, saying basically what a load of shit you just said in there now we drive you back to where you belong etc.. Before christmas i bought soup , soda and icecream to myself, and the other individuals, kept hostages by chief doctor “Kent eldov”, who looks like British Princess michael, son of the Duke of kent, a potential heir to the crown? I fell like I have been kidnappen, and have a distant memory , nightmare, of myself walking into the hallway with a teddybear turning left, before being snatched/lifted up, and then it stops…since then Kent’s staff keeps waking Me up at night, so I dont get any Deep sleep, and Kent keeps changong the medication, as long as I refuse “Invega”, now wanting to force 405 mg of “zypadhera” (depot medication) into my body each fortnight, which is equal to 40 mg zyprexa daily according to Kent…

I found a picture of the British royal Family etc., here is the HIERARCHY
I have read Charles abdicated and Dianna was heir to the throne, when she died her sons were, but I also read she only had one son, and I believe William and Harry look more like camila parker Bowles, you can see it on the nose, and perhaps also hidden in the HIERARCHY with Camilla interlinked to Diana, above Harry and William. Look at time 26 to 30 minutes below in diana interview:

“kent eldov” tells 2 of his staff to remove my stuff, i say no, so One hour later around 10 gang members of his shows up, assults Me, and Rob my computer and food etc., so basically i had no dinner the 24. Other than my soda and chips. This is how it works, on top you have the pharmaceuticals producing drugs and socalled medicin, then you have the doctors as pushers, then nurses as front cover, and what we in denmark call sosu assistents as the gang members WHO beat you up and steal your stuff. I See hostages here WHO May Be from competing gangs, other than kent eldovs and Ali and Ali hk, and the phoners at the,police just hang up on you when you report the crime, saying there has been no crime and they do anything, but the cops should prevent Crimes, not just reporting it This one is speculation, based,on my former email about aarhus being the Gotham city of Denmark, but I wonder why swiech is not part of EU, part have many pharmaceuticals, and my former high school buddy, who I tried to get as a witness in my trial, but refused, also works there, he is from Thy, near the frøstruplejr, an old hippie high base, and a mekka of drugs. Anyway, the pharmaceuticals are druglords, and doctors are pushers, nurses are a front cover and sosu assistents are their henchmen, swich could Be their base in center, or american bases located in Germany, including printing of fake euros, and distribution of Us dollars, read my articles on, by mikkel roland egesberg, locked in at room 3, p4, risskov aarhus denmark, situated in the bottom left corner, with 2 entrances the, main on in the middle left side, and one in the left bottom corner, fight the injustice…

So on I wrote “ – US economic policy according to Mikkel Roland Egesberg”, part 2 is sent out on email, and here is part 3, a summery hypothesis.. usa live by the old roman strategy, divede et impera, divide and conquer, after ww1 and ww2 Europe and many other places were in ruins, while the Americans did not join the war before Germany was already beaten, taking the credit if you can call it that, which you would know had you watched American propaganda movies like “saving private Ryan” or u571, where Americans take credit for getting the enigma code machine for German subs, which was done by england. After ww2 USA recruited the top Nazi scientist and leaders, including verner von Braun, which built the German v2rockets, and helped Americans get this tech and many other German technologies, study operation paperclip. Now after the us marketing structured pyramid IT bubble, he us needed another scam, this time the spilled the beans on the neoconservative site, the new American century asking for a new pearl harbor in the report rebuilding Americas defended, which in 2000 asked for a new pearl habour, after the yk2 problem or whatever it was called. 1year later the us got its new pearl habour in for of etc, insured by Europeans, and ready for an abetement since it was full of asbestos. This was the causa belli the Americanss needed and a key piece in their divide et impera strategy, dividing Europe into old and new Europe on macro level, and invading opec countries using euros instead of us dollars, e.g. Iraq, Venezuela, and later Iran, etc. The wars polluted Europe and little east with depleted uranium, and created a massive wawe of refuges into Europe . Us stole the smart guys, and socialist in Scandinavia opened the doors for the rest, like Denmark. This divided Europe too on micro level, since many Muslim gangs rape and plunder, and the use the Europe movement of labour to go from the spearhead in Scandinavia to rest of Europe. Now I am locked up in a mental hospital in aarhus Denmark p4 room 3, as my readers know. The psychiatry is a state within the state, for enemies of the state, acting as prisons spreading drugs for the pharmaceuticals. The nurses are the front cover, and sosu assistens are the henchmen, but on top of this we have doctors under the control chief doctors
coordinating these gangs and spreading a supply of drugs, then on top of the CIA, controlled by the Commander in chief. Obama recieved the nobel peace prize , but nobody seems to know for what. Make no mistake Obama may be the godfather, a black man surrounded by his daughters and wife or a straw man. The CIA control the drugs, the invasion AF Afghanistan after Iraq was no mistake. So etc was the causa belly to put things into play, getting rid of opec countries refusing dollarization, using the euro instead of the us dollar like Saddam in iraq, Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, do watch inside the coup, Iran etc., they also spreads get the underground economy to use us dollars by selling drugs from gangs, demanding us dollars, supplying fake euros, probably printed in us bases situated in Germany, getting the drugs from Afghanistan or pharmaceuticals in maybe schwiezerland, not invaded by Nazis, watch sound of music. [b] The psychiatric wards are a state within the state, a modern day CIA controlled concentration camp spread all around the world to shut people up, not doing the bidding of United States of America[/b] portraited by Hollywood as the defender peace, the best lie is the lie so big, nobody believes its a lie…and how are these US muslim henchmen paid off in Europe, the doctors at hospitals are drug dealers for us owned pharmaceuticals, the muslim gang members rape European girls, get a slap over the wrist by dirty cops and judges, the girls see schrinks, and are the hospitalized to these US controlled concentrationcamp, a state within the state, where I guess the girls can be raped again and again by male gang members working as hospital staff, or hospitalized as patients, claiming insanity when charged with the rapes, the hospitals work as kind of a get out of jail free card, for these gang rapists, and perhaps even females staff in form of nurses fall victim of how USA pay off is henchmen…I have been assaulted several times in here, including a blow from below on the nose, I called the cops, with the reply I was a conspiracy nuts, but but since when is it illegal to question the political establishment?
The psychiatry is a form of Gestapo ( Geheime Staatspolizei) “Secret State Police”. It’s not paranoia, when they are really after you:

The police said that it was up to the doctors and out of their hands, if they did not just hang up on me….ending in the hospital staff taking my mobile, and isolating me almost completely for several months. The chief doctor Kent eldov was contacted by the cops asking him to confiscate my mobile, which they have done again and again, including my newly bought computer. By mikkel Roland egesberg, writing from a broken nokia920, whose mobile division was just sold to American Microsoft, for a penny amount, by a former Microsoft leader, plus it’s old CEO and current chairman, Jorma Ollila, who just happens to Be a member of the of the Bilderberg group, purpose was to fight anti-americanism.
The Bilderberg Club is an annual private conference of approximately 120 to 140 invited guests from North America and Europe, most of whom are people of influence. About one-third are from government and politics, and two-thirds from finance, industry, labour, education and communications. Nokia’s Jorma Ollila has since 1 June 2006 been non-Executive Chairman of Royal Dutch Shell. It’s European competitor, BP, British Petrolium, lost a fortune in The USA, because of an oil-spill, which they had no blame in, but which obama also happened to play a role in, that gave extremly many Americans a “causa belli” to steal money from British and other BP stockholders. In short Two daylight roberies, out of many, and WTC was also paid by Europe. Add on for those like me who lost money on the US engineered dot com bubble, here is an add on..the thing could be connected to the y2k problem, where many Europeans companies had to have their software upgraded by e.g. American IBM,,who owned stocks in Danish EDG gruppen and memory card technology also got owned by Americans in the end I think..a perfect way to infiltrate company software by the Americans like NSA. I lost most of of my own hard worked money. Now people use American Microsoft windows wirlth NSA.key backdoors, or mobiles pretty much all with US software……code red, I say. So in short, the psychiatry works,as a state within the state, a modern concentration camp, where enemies of the state, read United States of America, are “hospitalized”, which I have now been 2 times, the first time in Viborg, Denmark, about 6 years ago, after I (under the username zeptocomp) made a movie on YouTube, about a US fighter jet which i trash talked, called “the real f-22 raptor, a high flying Enron”, which my evil twin told me to delete just before the “family” hospitalized me for the 2. Time.
I wrote about it on a US anti European forum called and on my own little foru,/blog:, where the World’s largest weapons manufacturer, Lockheed Martin, suddenly paid me a visit from Fort worth Texas and Denver, pretending to be a guy from the UK (bobsyouruncle) putting a positive spin on the F-22 Raptor, the plane I had trash-talked in my F-22 youtube movie:

Lockheed martin
Lockheed martin2

…plus I was in edit-war on Wikipedia with Americans and most probably Lockheed Martin there also about the F-22 and eurofighter.

On top plan USA runs the pharmaceuticals, providing often leathal or just profitable drugs for the average citizen. They also run the illegal drug market, which why Afghanistan too was invaded after Iraq. Iraq started using euros for oil, same as Iran, Venezuela, not exactly friends of the US so called democracy. CIA choosen gangs are competing with other gangs, but they keep using the roman motto, divide et empera, divide and conquer. Their chosen gangs gets some of the profit and gets to rape good looking girls, and their punishment, if they should end up,getting arrested, which is highly unlikely, since police often just report instead of prevent crimes, is a trip to the mental institution, where they can rape good looking girls, they got in there in the first place. Consider it a get out of jail free pass. The leaders of the competing gangs are also arrested, but end up,in great danger since they are isolated, but that is not the main goal, it is to divide et impera, divide and conquer. The chosen gang by cia, will have some of their members work their, trying to play nice to the competing gangs, playing concern trolls, saying one thing, with a direct opposite intention, to sew doub, dispair and anger at among competing gangs, dividing them, while the choosen gang is friends with everyone, since everyone wants to be friends with the staff, getting special treatment. The Don is the president of the united states, cia is the strings to all foreign countries, doctors,and psychiatrists are pushers, nurses are the front cover, and the assistents are the henchmen, doing the violent jobs and pushing the illegal drugs on the streets, accepting dollars, spreading fake euros e.g. Why, check the us trade balance which has been negative for 30+ years, the US buys goods from abroad with toilet paper called us dollars, it should lose value, but OPEC countries must accept this toilet paper as payment, dollarization, and drug dealers in the street spread poison, gets the toilet paper, aka us dollars, off the street, and pays back change in fake national currencies, such as euros printed by cia on us bases in e.g. Germany. People getting anywhere close to figuring out the truth, such as me, are “hospitalized” and branded conspirazy nuts or paronoid schizophrenics, though schizofrenia is just a hypotese, it is not a proven illness, and yet the medication to it is BIG business. The US also hit people with false flag operations, where they manufacture dirt to throw at the political hostages to throw at them when they find usefull, distorting their good names, which could Be One of the reasons, why I have been locked up for almost half a year, surviving poison, hit on the nose from below and more. It fells as If there has been a case against Me in the court of law, but without part publicity. This is a cry for help, from a modern day US concentration camp, situated in Denmark…

In 1947 the nobel prize in medicin was given to lobotomy from: “lobe (of brain)”; τομή – tomÄ“: “cut/slice”). Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1949 for mapping the areas of the brain involved in the control of internal organs, it was won by Swiss physiologist Walter Rudolf Hess (March 17, 1881 – August 12, 1973) and shared with Egas Moniz.It is a neurosurgical procedure, a form of psychosurgery, and It consists of cutting or scraping away most of the connections to and from the prefrontal cortex, the anterior part of the frontal lobes of the brain. It was a mainstream procedure for more than two decades, prescribed for psychiatric (and occasionally other) conditions – this despite general recognition of frequent and serious side. The use of the procedure increased dramatically in some countries from the early 1940s and into the 1950s; by 1951, almost 20,000 lobotomies had been performed in the United States. Following the introduction of antipsychotic medications, which can be seen as a chemical lobotomy instead, the mid-1950s lobotomy underwent a gradual but definite decline, but now it is replaced with a chemical lobotomy instead, or perhaps even both. By mikkel Roland Egesberg, a survivor of the US holocaust….so far.

In short, the us buys shit with toilet paper called US dollars, sells illegal drugs, and spread fake competing currencies, so they can keep buying new shit, this is the US economic policy, by Mikkel Roland Egesberg…said even shorter, The United States of America is a Rogue state…and NATO is an American organization, with European troops, for American purposes, which is why the US does NOT want an independent EU army, divide et impera, this is the US foreign policy, which is why USA made a false flag operation on WTC, activating NATO, so Europe helped paying the HUGE bill for the Economic policy, getting nothing in return other than depleted uranium in the air, and a wave of pissed of Muslim refugees/gangs costing Europe an unimaginable fortune and human tragedy

…ask yourself, are you a piece in the US Economic and Foreign Policy?

Keep your fucking” “FREEDOM FRIES and TOAST” I prefer Belgian fries and French toast…
Obama, the dark lord, the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he does not exist…

The Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt with the dark lord, just before or efter taking a “selfie” with the dark lord himself, at the official funeral of Mendela, a claimed terrorist by some, receiving the Nobel in 1993, then suddenly serving as President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999, married Winnie mendels suddenly, the leader of “Mandela United Football Club”, who had been responsible for torturing and killing even children. Coincidence? Add this to it, “Obamas left hand”, the language interpreter for Nelson Mandela’s memorial service has a checkered past that includes murder and rape charges, according to a report by South Africa-based eNews Channel Africa (eNCA), and he suddenly conviently suffered from a schizophrenic attack, conviently getting hospitalized, coincidence, I think not! He also got the of US Presidential Medal of FREEDOM in 2002.
Hell Schmidt… Could it be? Below we have the Helle Thorning-Schmidt, a Danish socialist democrat attending “center for American Progress” on December 2010 – less than one year later, October 3. 2011, she is suddently Danish Prime Minister, Coincidence?

No wonder there is no Progress in Denmark, when our socalled Prime Minister is for American Progress instead – Helle Thorning-Schmidt attended the “Center for American Progress”-meeting 1 year before she was suddently elected leader of Denmark… Who the Hell is Helle Thorning-Schmidt really? – Hell bitch with a former US Commander in chief, and a former Uk Prime minister, who are these US henchmen really, that we end up calling our leaders? Are they they leaders of CIA, Crime International Association? Judge them by their actions or lack of same…are they above the law? Do they and their appointed diplomats have diplomati immunity?

helle thorning


One thing is knowing the path, another is to follow it…Fight the injustice or die trying not to. If you see a line of 100 innocent people, with you as number 10 and the police kill number 1 in line, then number 2, then number 3, then number 4, then number 5, then number 6, then number 7, then number 8, then number 9…when will you react, and who do you think is next in line? Will they jump to number 11?

They Will deceive you by running for office, promising gold and Jewels paid for with other peoples money but their own…all it does is to create red tape and punish those who work hard, while rewarding those who do not, but what happens when noone wants to work hard and all just want to receive? You have to bake a cake, before you can eat it…what happens if everybody just wants to eat other peoples cakes, instead of making them themself? No desert… – Less Talk, More Facts…An article by Mikkel Roland Egesberg

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