EU citizens do NOT want a trade deal with the US – – In US President Obama’s state of the Union Speech he spoke about Americans buying more American cars than they have in 5 year, and and less foreign oil than they have in 20 years, which sound like a mercantilistic view, where the government of a nation must maximize the foreign trade surplus, and foster national commercial interests, but later he argues he wants a trade deal with the EU….why?

The EU is the largest economy in the World with 500 million citizens, while the US only has around 300 million. Will it be in Europe’s interest to give the Americans free access to our market, just because Obama wants to? So Americans can trade us hormone beef, genetically modified crops, and other American products, which we Europeans have tried to avoid. At American Bloomberg, they try to sell the idea that America is great, and American companies can save 6 billion USD on less tariffs, and Europe needs this deal since Europe is in recession etc. avoiding the fact that the US economy in much worse shape than Europe’s, but the US hide the fact by printing money like there’s no tomorrow. A trade-deal will not be in Europe’s best interest. Why? As Obama started up by saying after just 1 minute and 30 seconds, Americans should buy American, and it’s good when they import less from the rest of the World – with American politicians in “buy American” mode it will be very hard for European companies to export more to the US market, and in return the EU gets less money from tariff, while US companies gets access to the Worlds largest economy…..a bad deal for Europe! One thing we Europeans could learn from US though, is to be more patriotic and buy “Made in the EU”…

Added 13 day of 11 month 2017, Now I would like a trade deal between USA and the EU, im tired of not being able to buy from products from USA, because the post office opens my US packages and slams a 100% duty on it. PLEASE USA AND EU, REMOVE THAT SHIT; LETS MAKE A DEAL, PLEASE! (I like

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