Boeing’s Nightmare: Why the 787 Dreamliner is grounded – This is the story of why the new Boeing Dreamliner was forced to stop flying:

It started on 8 January 2013, when the Boeing new “Dreamliner” caught fire in Boston. Same day another Dreamliner had a fuel leak. Then on 9 January 2013 the Dreamliner had a brake problem, after this on Jan 11, 2013 the Boeing Dreamliner had a cracked window and another one an oil leak , then on 16 January 2013 All Nippon Airways said a cockpit message showed battery problems and a burning smell were detected in the cockpit and the cabin, forcing the dreamliner to make an emergency landing, causing Japan’s largest airline, ANA, and its competitor JAL to ground their entire fleet of Boeing 787, which the day after forced The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to demand all U.S. airlines to stop flying Boeing 787 Dreamliners, until Boeing can prove that batteries on board are safe.

This may not be a short fix for Boeing, an MIT chemistry professor suggests that a Boeing switch from lithium-ion batteries to the heavier but safer nickel metal-hydride technology may take a year, keeping the 787 grounded until 2014

Update on July 12, 2013: The nightmare continues! On April 19, 2013 the FAA decided to allow US Dreamliners to return to service after changes were made to their battery systems, but perhaps that was too early, because today an Ethiopian Boeing 787 “Dreamliner” caught fire at Britain’s Heathrow airport.

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