Net contributions to the EU budget (2009 data) – By Mikkel Roland Egesberg The EU is right now working on it’s new budget, trying to reach an agreement on the budget framework for 2014-2020. Many numbers are mentioned about who pays what, so here is some data, that should try to give a better summary.

Red cells indicate net contributions and green net receipts. The biggest contributor in absolute terms in 2009 was: Germany (-8,797) followed by France (-6,461), Italy (-6,046) and the UK (-3,865). The four largest net recipients in 2009 were Poland (6,119), Greece (3,009), Hungary (2,660) and Portugal (2,087).

There are also numbers from 2010 now, but these are only in absolute values and this list has been compiled by the Commission – it should be noted that the list of which countries are net contributors or net beneficiaries can be calculated differently with other amounts as the result. The Commission’s list of net contributions is based on a method which uses the individual countries’ contributions in the form of own resources, such as VAT and GNP, as the basis for the calculations.:

In the above list, including 2010, Germany still pays the most, now followed by UK/France and then Italy..

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