EU got more than 0.7 million new EU Citizens in 2010 – By Mikkel Roland Egesberg – The number of people who acquired citizenship in one of the EU Member States rose to 810.000 in 2010, a 4% increase with respect to 2009. Out of the total 72.100 were EU citizens changing their national citizenship, 720.100 were from non EU-27 Member States, and 18.300 were from unknown origin. The fact that only 72.100 EU citizens changed national citizenship is not surprising, given the set of rights which are granted to EU citizens irrespectively of where they reside within the Union.

The increase at EU level was essentially due to an increase in citizenships granted by Spain (+44 000 or +55% with respect to 2009). For the first time, there were more persons acquiring Spanish citizenship than German. In terms of total acquisitions in 2010, the top 3 were: the UK (195.000) and France (143.000) and Spain (124.000). Half of these new citizens were aged 32 years or less, with a slight predominance of women (52.8%) over men (47.2%).

Below you can see where the new EU citizens are from:

And here you can see, where the different EU states get most of their new citizens from:

Credit: Eurostat – Less Talk, More Facts

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