US households income divided into 5 groups

Photo:Occupy LA demonstrators cheer on the lawn in front of Los Angeles City Hall on October 8, 2011. The Occupy Wall Street movement against the U.S. financial system and economic inequality that began in New York last month with a few people expanded to protests in more than a dozen cities. REUTERS/Jonathan Alcorn (UNITED STATES)
. – By Mikkel Egesberg – In this article we will look at how the US household income is divided among 5 equal groups in the US:

As you can see, the group with the largest household income is no surprise the “highest 80-100%” (yellow colour on chart). In 2010 this group earned 50% of the total household income. The remaining 80% of the US households share the remaining 50% of the income among them. More specific the second highest income group (purple) earns 23% of the total income, leaving 27% to be shared among the remaining 60% US households: The lowest 0-20% household group (light blue) earns only 3% of US household income, while the second group earns 9% (red) and the last group 15% (dark blue).

To sum it up, there is a degree of inequality in the US, when it comes to household income…. – Less Talk, More Facts

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