Determinants of US economic growth – By Mikkel Roland Egesberg – In this article we will look at what factors determine the US economic growth. Here we look at the nominal growth, meaning we include inflation in the growth number, so it may look higher than is really is:

We start by looking at:

  1. The household consumption, which is one of the most influential factors of the US growth. In the year 2000 it pulls up the US economic growth by a whole 5,2%.
  2. The next post is the Government, which is also important, but only pulls up the US growth by 0,9% in the year 2000.
  3. Investments in that same year pulls up growth by 1,6%
  4. Inventories pulls down growth by 0,1%
  5. Exports pulls up growth by 1,1 %
  6. And Imports pulls down growth down by 2,4%

In total the US growth in 2000 is therefore 6,4%.– By doing this in all the different years and sum it up, it’s possible to see what factors contribute to the US growth in the different years…

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