The real US unemployment rate is above 15% – By Mikkel Roland Egesberg – When we hear the official US unemployment numbers it’s the one called “U-3 unemployment”, but this does not take into account, that some workers are no longer offered benefits, and have simply given up looking for work, for which reason they are called “Discouraged workers”. These unemployed workers are not included in the official “U-3 unemployment rate”, but in the broader U-6 measure. Below I have shown the U-3 and the U-6 unemployment number as average over the last year for US as a whole, and the individual states. If the unemployment rate is calculated this way, the average US unemployment rate for the last year jumps from 8,5% to 15,3%. Futher more we see, that Nevada has the highest unemployment rate of 22,1%, followed by the biggest state in the US, California, with an unemployment rate 20,3% : – Less Talk, More Facts

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